ACCOUNTS Stelkor Doctors - Stellenbosch

We have four very capable ladies working at the accounts department, who can help you with all aspects of your account Stelkor. Since we are not credit providers, accounts are payable directly after consultations, unless they are to be sent to a medical aid. We claim on your behalf from most of the medical schemes in South Africa, but please confirm this with us as you leave. We do not charge medical aid rates and there may be a levy payable after each consultation.

Please read the below information and tips of how to manage your account with us.

  1. The account remains your responsibility at all times.
  2. Private patients should settle their accounts immediately after consultation with the doctor. We offer several payment options and all other types of credit card payments (American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, etc.).
  3. Should we claim from your medical aid, make sure we have the correct details.
  4. We submit claims to the medical aids electronically and you are thus immediately informed of any amounts payable by you.
  5. It is your duty to follow up with your medical aid whether they have received your claim and what they are going to pay/not pay. They also send you statements.
  6. It is always a good idea to contact the doctor approximately two months after you visited the practice to see if the account has been paid in full. Then, if anything needs to be changed, there is still enough time to do so and submit the account to the medical aid for payment again.
  7. The account number on the top right of any statement must be used when payments are made directly into our bank account. It is important to note that, although the pharmacy and dentist are in the same building as us, they have different banking details. Please make sure you pay Stelkor Doctors.
  8. Please provide us with your correct postal address, as well as e - mail and phone number, so that we can contact you should there be anything outstanding.